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Principal companies, who are providing products, technologies, services in field of Information Technology, are founded by persons who ventured to be self employed after completing their formal education and enriching themselves with hands-on experience. Nonetheless, this was not the case with founders of Microsoft Corporation. This corporation has progressed into a public limited company and has been wearing international robe since 1979. Paul Ellen and Bill Gates set up the firm with title of Microsoft Corporation in 1976. Interestingly they had started earning prior to establishment of Microsoft. At time of establishing the Micro-Soft, Bill Gates had just passed this teenage i.e. he has become 20, and his partner was 23. Both of them were living in same city, Seattle, and study in the same private school, Lakeside School when passion for programming made the first introduction. The first thing that aroused Bill gates interest in programming was a Teletype etc machine at his school. Some scientific magazine with the name of Popular Electronics brought out Altair 8800 in its volume of January 1975. In the meanwhile, his outstanding scores in Scholastic Aptitude Test got him admission to the American pride of education, Harvard College, hailing from Harvard University. By the next month these two had sold their first product, a program for Altair, to a company named Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems and situated in New Mexico. The tasted of first sale of Microsoft was so intoxicated that Bill Gates, who on leave from Harvard College, made up his mind not to return to university. Next year company began to exist with its first employee and it never look back. The company was growing without offering any guidance to use its products. It was 23rd of March 1992 when first microsoft certification was launched. The microsoft exams were covering three areas, Windows 3.1, Local Area Network Manager and SQL Server by the range of microsoft certification questions. These three microsoft certification exams were meant for the purpose of support for the company employees and final user. Since beginning, all of these exams were microsoft online tests and this tradition is still going. However, the only difference that has appeared over the years is that Microsoft Corporation has delegated the microsoft exam taking responsibility to Prometric testing centres and availability of a specific exam is conditioned with regions. However, selection of microsoft study material should be made after due mulling, though importance of personal preferences cannot be ignored at all. Many people who wanted to pass an exam like to depend on microsoft practice exams. The Testking is famous for not only latest microsoft dumps but also for quality, support and free updates.

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Microsoft Corporation does not beggar introduction. This company rather giant had presence at all places where visits computer or any application relating to it. Some of its products have become household names. Though, competitors are vying for larger share in the market of information technology, yet it is still retaining its lion's share. This firm came into being in spring of 1975. Like Cisco Networks and EMC Corporation, this Microsoft Corporation was co-founded by two persons who were not strangers to each other. The founders of Microsoft Corporation were bosom friends. Its co-founders were Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Bill Gates was denizen of Seattle. This city is 15th most populous city on United States of America. The state of Washington had become part of United States of America in the exact middle of nineteenth century. This Washington state had to be the forty second state of America. According to the academic records available on line, he has scored ninety nine percent score in his Scholastic Aptitude Test. Such score earned him admission in Harvard University, the oldest and the most prestigious university of America. Admission to this Harvard University proved to be lucky in another sense that he met and befriended a person who was destined to become the CEO after Bill Gates decided to give up this seat and became president of his company. With launch of a product, the Microsoft Corporation had to arrange the special knowledge and skills to run its products properly. From there, microsoft certifications were born. Award of a microsoft certificate is show of confidence from the vendor that the examinee has reached the bar of expertise and skills mandatory for to run a product properly and on the standards set by the vendor. This certificate is awarded after succeeding one or more than one (as per requirement) microsoft certification exam. Thought the blueprints, mode of exam, type of questions, minimum score required for success, availability of language, offer of a specific exam in a specific region are the prerogatives of the Microsoft Corporation yet the exam taking matters are left to Prometric testing centre. The success requires microsoft study pack whose components vary from case to case. Generally, microsoft books make up the integral part of microsoft study material. Whether the study pack would include or not microsoft simulations depend on the responding microsoft courses. The use of Testking microsoft brain dump is becoming unofficially mandatory, only owing to fact of quality.